an immigrant. a muslim. an african. an extracomunitarian. a chinese. Benjamin. Fatima. Irina. Zhang.



I'm 25 years old and I come from Nigeria. I arrived in Italy to work in a small business that has unfortunately been closed.

My colleagues and I lost our job, but compared to them I have one more problem: without a regular job I will not be able to renew my permit of stay and I will become an irregular immigrant.

So I came to a big city, hoping to find a job that allows me to regularise my stay in Italy. Do you want to try to live in my shoes?



I'm 38 years old and I was born and brought up in Morocco. My husband found a job here in Italy so we moved here, where we have had our two children who now go to school.

I am a mom, and housewife, and I try to make ends meet, even if it's difficult.My dream is give a better future to my children, teaching them the respect for our religion and both our countries. Do you want to try living in my shoes?



I was born 28 years ago in Romania. My family has never been wealthy.

I have always worked and studied at the same time, and I managed to get a diploma as a professional nurse with the highest grades.

I came to Italy for finding a good job and helping my family in Romania. Do you want to try living in my shoes?



I'm 19 years old, I was born in Italy, I’m Italian and speak Italian. My parents arrived from China 30 years ago and run a shop.

They would like me to learn Chinese, and I went to work with them, but I want to keep on studying.

This is why I moved to a bigger city and I enrolled at the university, even if they do not agree. Now I have to take care of myself. Do you want to try living in my shoes?